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Richardson Group, Senior Citizen Living Quarters, Inc., established March, 2002, provides assisted living quarters for mobile senior citizens of the Philadelphia area. Our pledge is to provide a safe, clean and caring facility while enhancing their quality of life.

Our emphasis will remain focused on providing a good “homey atmosphere”, healthy meals, garden environment, recreational activities, health screening, assistance (if necessary) with day-in and day-out activities such as: laundry and shopping for personal needs. We provide transportation for doctor’s appointments & shopping. Weekly and monthly outings are also provided to keep our residents’ as active as possible. We strongly feel that one of society’s greatest challenges is to ensure that people have a chance to lead a full life in their latter years, regardless of the sometimes unforgiving bureaucratic health care system and the normal adversities of growing old.

Our long-term objective of quality care to Elderly of the City of Philadelphia has taken us from our 4 bedroom home to our new 14 bed facility. We look forward to continued growth and will provide improved services to our residents, regardless of race, sex, religion or ethnic background.

Richardson Group takes an integrated, holistic approach, recognizing that emotional and physical health-care is inter-related. We work with individuals and their families to identify their specific needs and wants, should they succumb to illness; the next level of care will be advised.