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Current Job Openings

There are three shifts that we are looking to hire:

7 am – 3 pm (Prepping breakfast, cleaning, housekeeping, checking rooms, med pass before lunch, socializing with residents and meeting their onsite needs, making sure dinner is prepped)

3 pm – 7 pm (prepping dinner meals, cleaning dining area, 4:00 pm med pass, serve dinner, wash dishes, set up for evening shift)

7 pm – 7 am (Pull medications for all residents and observe them taking it, cleaning up after med pass, disinfect and sweep floors for both houses, make rounds every two hours, set up for 7 am shift)

We provide 12 hours of in house training in OSHA laws, food service, residents rights as well as medical training

– High school diploma/GED equivalent 
– Criminal background check (won’t deter employment but must explain why)
– Competency test (can be taken here )
– CPR/first aid certified
– Dependable
– Honest
– Would like applicant to stay at least a year after training

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